Thursday, December 27, 2012

HITS No Olimpo: Afrodite

Morning guys.  Another HITS No Olimpo polish. Today, its Afrodite, the goddess of love.  I thought this one would be more pink.  Its a light pink that kinda leans coral.  I like it.  I used two coats and it was kind of sheer.  Actually, if your looking to try out holographic polishes, but don't want anything too crazy.  This should be your pick.  Its work appropriate and the holo is not too crazy on this one.  Its a lot more subtle that the rest in the collection.  Actually this is probably my least favorite.  I think with Afrodite, they could have gone a little more out there.  She is the goddess of love and beauty!  Haha!  Sorry I'm nerding out a little.   Its pretty, its just a little boring.

How do you guys like this one?  I got this HITS off of Llarowe


  1. I think Athena is what Afrodite was meant to be, colour-wise. Know what I mean? I totally agree with you about Afrodite not deserving such a "plain" colour :(

    1. Ah yes! Athena is a way brighter pink..I think that Athena has the wrong coloring too, but ill get to that! Haha!


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