Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Christmas Presents

Hey all!  Day 5 is here and we are still going strong.  I was pumped to do this day, my mom has been seeing Christmas present manis everywhere and won't stop telling me to do them!  Hah!  I'm like 'Mom! They are coming up!!'.  I've gotten a few regular brand Christmas polishes, just because they are so pretty.  I picked up China Glaze Glistening Snow a few weeks ago and needed to use it desperately in this challenge.  I thought today was a good day to do just that!  Glistening Snow is a gorgeous silver glitter polish with holographic scatters.  Its so pretty. Is it me or does China Glaze have the best Holiday collections?  I used two coats and it dries matte and grainy.  In order to do a design on top of it, I added a layer of Seche Vite.  This smoothed it over enough for me to put my ribbon on!  I used OPI Skip the Gift Wrap (appropriate?) for the ribbon design.  If Butter London's Knees Up is the perfect red for this time of year, then Skip the Gift Wrap is the perfect shimmery green.  I loved it at first sight!  It was nice and opaque enough to do a design with.  I did a traditional wrapping job on my thumb and a side wrapping job on my accent nail.  I love the way these turned out.  Its Christmas-y but not in your face.  Unless you count the amazing sparkle of Glistening Snow, in your face?  Haha!

This has turned out to be one of my favorite designs so far, what do you guys think?  Don't forget to take a look at Elena from Ecklipsed by Color's Day 5!
Tomorrow is Christmas Trees and I have a Crows Toes treat for that!


  1. This nail polish is freaking gorgeous! I got it as well and absolutely love it:D Your design is really cute and christmassy, great job!

  2. I love your bow & I love GLISTENING SNOW! I don't know why I haven't worn this as a full mani yet!

  3. What an amazing holo silver glitter! I love it! Your bows came out perfect, too! Is that one of the OPI Ulta exclusives? What a gorgeous hunter green! ( I could definitely see a candy stripe or a chevron french with that and Knees Up!)

    1. Yea I think it's an ulta exclusive! And I must try that chevron idea!

  4. What a lovely, simple mani! This is just gorgeous!!


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