Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Day 12: Christmas Lights

Its the last day for the challenge!  We are closing it out with some Christmas lights.  I love seeing this nail art every year and I'm happy to be finally doing my own.  I started with a base of Lime Crime Milky Ways and did the light string in OPI Black Onyx.  I topped it off with the lights alternating between Essie Lacquered Up and Pretty Edgy.  The perfect red and green.  I thought about doing a bunch of different colors, but I felt like I hadn't done a solid green and red mani yet!  Today me and the girls from work are getting together to do our polish exchange!  I'm pumped!  Plus, I have a few days off during the holidays, so I will be getting a much needed break!  We have some family coming in town, tomorrow and I'm hoping they will make it here timely and safely.
I will probably post my Christmas mani on the 24th.  Stay tuned for that!  It features a very lovely indie polish I've fallen in love with.  And don't forget to check out Elena's last mani over at Ecklipsed by Color.  I want to congratulate her on her amazing technique throughout this entire challenge!


  1. I am loving Milky Ways as a base... perfect! Pretty Edgy and Lacquered Up really pop on it...amazing details...We did it! Another challenge done! Woo hoo... now it's time for floofy holiday drinks like pumpkin pie or eggnog-tinis...first round is on


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