Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rainbow Honey: 20% Cooler + Some Personal Info

Hey all. Another phone blog post. I will most likely not have a computer for a while. Life always hands you stuff you weren't prepared for, and I was not prepared for this. For some reason it's put me in a funk, too? Almost like it was the final straw in a series of unfortunate things. Not that my life is horrible...believe me when I say I am extremely grateful for the amazing things and people in my life. I have a good home.  And I definitely don't want to sound whiny.   However, I've been through some life searching lately and I guess you could say, I haven't found anything yet. It's discouraging in the least. But, I have very supportive people around me and I'm getting by. I usually don't talk much about my personal life, and that's the way I like it. But I feel connected to this blog, and it's mine so I'm free to write about what I want. My funk has made me literally not want to do anything? I used to love to paint my nails and post them here and be giddy about a new polish or polish line, and now I feel a little blah. I need something to get excited for. Hopefully the holiday collections will do the trick! Haha. But to fore warn you, there may be days where I don't post or even a week. I hate for it to be like that, luckily there are many more awesome blogs to follow and I'm sure you 64 followers will find them! :) I do promise to do my best to get posts out and be there for you guys! I appreciate very much you sticking around and supporting me and following me. I get so excited to read comments and see follower feedback so keep it comin'!

Anyway, on to the polish! Today I have Rainbow Honey's 20% Cooler. This is such a pretty polish that I couldn't believe I passed it up initially. I layered this over Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse. 20% Cooler is a shimmery blue polish with rainbow glitters all throughout. Seriously, there is every color in this! It's lovely. Though, I got another mini and I'd hate to say it again, I don't like the brush on the mini. It's too short! The polish applies good, just that brush makes it difficult for me. I topped it off with some Butter London Matte Topcoat. Which is, hands down, the best matte out there. I love the way Rainbow Honey glitters look with matte topcoat. So pretty! What do you all think?

You can find Rainbow Honey polishes here.  Check out that macro!  I love it!


  1. I really do need to get this polish. I love the colours, and it's hands-down *gorgeous* in matte!

    Sorry to hear about your funk, Kelly. I think we all have times like that, and as unmotivated and disinterested as they make us feel sometimes, sometimes some great inspiration can come out of them too. Hopefully you'll find some of that yourself and have something you're excited about again soon. Take care, find some fun, and when you feel like blogging again, we'll be here to read it! ^_^

  2. Sending you some sun and good wishes from Florida! (20% Cooler captures the awesomeness of the day around here) I completely understand the feeling disconnected and medicore towards something. I loved painting so much but after graduation I felt like school beat the fun out of it. I literally put all my supplies in a closet for years. My blog is me dipping my toe back in. Blog when you feel like it, we will be here. And you better bet we'll come up with some kick a$$ Christmas

  3. I hope things start to turn up for you soon! Blogging always helped me "escape" from a bad day - feel better! And this color is gorgeous, guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

  4. What a pretty and fun glitter! And you picked the perfect base for it. They look fab together! :-)


  5. Oh no Kelly! I hope you are feeling better & more energised about everything soonly :) I always enjoy seeing your creations and I hope you're out of your funk soon!

    I can totally relate to the whole life searching turning up no results, but I reckon it will eventually - I love your work :)

    This polish is beautiful btw!

  6. Aw Kelly, I'm sorry to hear about your funk. I know how you feel, I've been feeling some of the same things you described for the past few months and how even the seemingly smallest things can be a challenge. I hope you feel better soon, and take as much time as you need. Your blog and us will all be here when you come back! :) <3


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