Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty & Polished: Scorpion and The Sea

Good Morning!  Today, I have another Zodiac polish to show you from Pretty & Polished.  This is her latest one released for the sign Scorpio.  My sister is a Scorpio, so we had been on the lookout for this one! This one is called Scorpion and The Sea.  The polished is based on a quote Chelsea had found describing the Scorpio. You can find that quote and other info on this polish under the listing.  Its a really neat quote, actually.  I love reading up about Zodiac signs and things, so I would love to see where that had come from. Anyway!  Scorpion and The Sea is a shimmery blue, slightly teal polish with small red hexes and red bar glitters. I love the red glitters in this, they kind of scream Scorpio!  I'm not a huge fan of shimmer polishes, and this was sheer, so I chose not to wear this alone.  I layered it over a coat of Essie Borrowed and Blue, and I'm obsessed with the combination.  Borrowed and Blue is a pale, very pale, blue.  The base from Scorpion and The Sea altered it and it looks so wonderful.  I told you, I'm obsessed!  I used one coat of each polish. I had to be a little careful with Scorpion and The Sea, in some areas, I didn't apply it evenly. The glitters came out easily, no problems there.  This is another Zodiac polish that did not disappoint!

What do you guys think of this one?  Anyone get their Zodiac Signs yet?  You can find Pretty & Polished on Etsy.  She has some awesome new stuff out, regular and Christmas themed! Oh, welcome to all my new followers! Thanks for following too!

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