Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Once Upon A Polish: Down The Rabbit Hole

Happy Tuesday guys!  I got this polish during the 13 Days Of Halloween Challenge, and ever since, I've been dying to wear it.  Once Upon A Polish recently came out with some Alice and Wonderland themed polishes.  Three to be exact.  And yes, I got all three.  I love Alice and anything related, so I had to.  Down The Rabbit Hole is a navy polish with a rainbow of glitters in it.  For some reason, this has a very New Years Eve feel to me?  I don't know why.  The glitters are silver, gold, blue, green, red, pink and possibly more!  The sparkle is so pretty.  Its understated but gorgeous.  I used two coats for this, and it was on the thicker side.  It wasn't that hard to apply, though.  And cleanup was easy, although I did have some stray glitters here and there.  My mom really loved this one, which is unusual for her.  She always tells me I buy too many sparkle polishes!  (Like you can ever have enough?)  What do you all think of this one?  Once Upon A Polish has become one of my favorite indie brands and I've acquired quite a few!

You can find Once Upon A Polish on Etsy.  What do you guys think of the macro shots I've been doing lately?  Keep em around or no?


  1. You're killing me with every Once Upon a Polish mani you post, they're all so beautiful! I really love this one, I can see how it reminds you of NYE, the dark base with the different coloured glitters are very midnight-partyish if that makes sense!
    And I like the macro shots you've been doing, it's always nice to see the polish up close! :)

  2. that is stunning... love anything Alice! ( that was my Halloween costume & Jes was the Mad Hatter) Anything glittery plus navy makes me think of my all time fave Chanel's Ciel de Nuit.

  3. Ooh it is very new years eve-y isn't it? Such a stunning polish, I love the macro shot - I would never have realised that the glitters were so many different colours without it!


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