Monday, November 26, 2012

Once Upon A Polish: Cheshire Cat

Hey girls!  Today, I have the final Alice themed polish from Once Upon A Polish.  This one is modeled after the Cheshire Cat.  Not to be confused with Crows Toes Cheshire.  This one is completely different.  This is a purple jelly polish with lavender square and hex glitters and larger pink hexes.  There's also some smaller hexes in pink and purple.  Its so pretty.  The consistency on this was very thick, though.  You have to make sure the first coat is completely dry before adding the second.  It'll drag, otherwise.  I love the colors of glitters in this, I just hate the jelly-ness of it.  Jelly's aren't really my favorite to begin with.  That wont really stop me from wearing this beauty, though!  I used two coats. 

You can find Once Upon A Polish here.  What do you guys think of this one?
On a side note, Ive got a computer!  Well, I havent actaully got it yet.  It shipped yesterday.  I got a very good deal on it and my mom and dad are giving me money towards it for Christmas, so technically its a present.  My mom is threatening to keep it until then, too.  So, Ill keep you guys posted!  Oh!  And Ive found a camera that will be mine on Christmas too!  Things are looking up!  


  1. Oh I love this!! The colours and the sparkle are just awesome. And hooray!! Congratulations on soon-to-be-your computer! ^_^


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