Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Once Upon A Polish: The Caterpillar

Hey all!  I have been a swatching fool lately.  I've had my mans computer for a few days, and along with some school work, I've been getting some nail work done as well!  I have gotten a bunch of fun polishes lately, and I have yet to show them to you guys.  I'm also feeling a bit better, mentally.  However, physically, I am sick!  I felt it coming on Sunday night.  I get terrible sinus issues.  They have been burning the inside of my face for days now.  I'm achy and so stuffed.  Its semi miserable.  Geez, universe, can't I have anything!! Haha!  I doubt Ill go to the doctor for this,  I get these a lot this time of year and they kinda have to ride themselves out.  
Ok, I'm showing you another Alice themed Once Upon A Polish.   This one is called The Caterpillar.  Boy, does it fit him well, too!  Its a duo-chrome base that leans from purple to blue.  There's actually mostly square glitters in this one, which I love!  There's larger ones in a baby blue color and smaller ones in teal.  Along with some small hexes in blue.  I love the colors of this with my skin tone for some reason.  The consistency is more of a jelly, and kind of thicker.  Its easy to work though.  I used two coats for this.

What do you all think of the Alice themed polishes so far?  You can find Once Upon A Polish on Etsy.

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  1. Oh I love this polish! Sorry to hear about you being unwell :( I hope it clears itself up nice and speedy!


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