Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essie Leading Lady

Have you guys seen Essie's new collection Leading Lady?  Cause its awesome and you should!  I have gotten three from it already and want two more.  Not a problem with that, though!  Haha!  Today I'm showing you the collections namesake polish Leading Lady.  Its a beautiful red based polish with red glitters in it.  I've heard rumors that its a dupe to their famous polish, Ruby Slippers.  Ruby Slippers has always been a polish I've wanted, but kind of a lost cause.  Its an older polish and very hard to find.  I'm willing to bet the people that have it, wont give it up!  O well, because now I've got my substitute!  This was an easy application, but I have some stray glitters here and there.  They were there upon removal, as well.  I used two coats for this.  I can't wait to wear this throughout the holidays!

Have you guys gotten any of the new Essie polishes from the Leading Lady collection? I've been getting mine from Ulta, they are pumping out coupons lately for the holiday season,and I've gotten some good deals.  


  1. This is a really super gorgeous color - I must have it!

  2. The color looks great on you- like ruby slippers. I picked up and put down Beyond Cozy, it was like Julep's Vivian ( and I have 2 bottles of that...lol)

    1. I believe I'm getting beyond cozy for Christmas! It's very pretty


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