Thursday, November 1, 2012

Butter London: Sprog

Hey guys, so now that the Halloween Challenge is over, its time to get back to our normal things.  And today, I have a Butter London that was an Ulta exclusive.  Sprog is the perfect periwinkle color.  It went on smooth and glossy.  I have been searching for the perfect periwinkle for a long time, so I'm glad this one came out.  I actually had some trouble finding this one.  My Ulta stocks their Butter Londons, probably once a year!  OK, not really but it seems that way!  It was also sold out online, so I took my chances at eBay.  I honestly don't like using eBay a whole lot.  It just seems sketchy.  But, I came across a seller that seemed pretty good.  When, I got my bottle it was still sealed, so I have faith.  I used two coats for this, and like I said, I had no problems with it.  I love the color on me.  I actually really like blue toned polishes on me.  They look good with my skin tone.

This shade is only available at Ulta.  But, like me, you can try eBay or Amazon- just check out the seller beforehand.  Did anyone else pick this shade up?



  1. Ah I love this!! It looks so clean and perfect. I've never used ebay to buy polish before for the same reasons, but this one is definitelyyy worth it!

  2. Wahhhh! I Love this colour! I want it so badly and I've been eyeing it off for AGES! It looks so fantastic on you, this is such great Friday morning nail porn! Beautiful swatching Kelly :) So perfect.

  3. Sprog <3. My favorite blue at the moment. Such a gorgeous polish!


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