Thursday, October 11, 2012

Serum No.5: Pink Lantern

Gooood morning.  If you follow the indie brand Serum No.5 on Tumblr , you'll know that she has gotten a lot of attention from her glow polishes.  I have her other glow polish, Day Glow, and love it!  Its so cool and unique for a glow in the dark polish.  Pink Lantern is her second glow in the dark polish and it was highly anticipated.  I, myself, was dying to get it.  I thought I was going to miss the stock up of this one because I was at work during it.  But, I happened to check later that night and there were plenty left!  This is also a polish for Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness all wrapped in one!  Oh, on that note, 20% of profits from the polish goes to charity.  All of her polishes.

 These glow polishes work best when layered over white polish.  I used mine over two coats of OPI Alpine Snow.  I then applied two coats of Pink Lantern.  Pink Lantern is a very sheer, pink jelly.  This also looks pretty bright on the nail, kinda neon.  I love it.  Like most glow polishes, this one needs a little 'charge' to it.  I take my photos in a pretty bright light so that's how I charged it.  Its a more subtle glow that Day Glow, but its definitely there.  My photos of it in the dark are grainy and I'm sorry, but that's they only way I could capture it.  If you notice, the 'glow' particles sink.  So make sure to give your bottle a good shake before wear.  Im really loving her unique polishes!  They are so awesome.

You can find Serum No.5 on Etsy.  There is still some Pink Lantern left, so hop on it!


  1. Ooooh awesome! Gotta love Glow in the Dark polishes!

  2. This is soo cool!! I need to try some glow in the dark polishes!

    1. This is the perfect time of year to do it!

  3. So pretty! Such a juicy pink color :3 Love jellies, and glow in the dark makes it sooo much better!

  4. -Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.

  5. I need to get this plus the other glow in the dark polish from Serum! They are so cool!!


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