Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rainbow Honey: The Yokai Collection

Hey there!  I have a special post for you guys today!  I normally don't pack more than one polish in a post, but I couldn't resist with these!  I'm gonna show you the new collection from one of my favorite indie brands, Rainbow Honey.  I've always loved how pigmented the colors from Rainbow Honey are and they never disappoint!  I was so excited to hear that they had a new collection coming out.  This is the Yokai Collection.  So lets take a look..

First up is Kawako, the mischevious river child.  This is a midnight blue polish with silver shimmers in it.  This polish also has some flecks of iridescent purple and blue.  Kawako could also be a one coater if applied carefully.  I found this to be a little thicker but it was still easy to apply.  There was also no staining upon removal.  I used two coats.

Next we have Oni, the malevolent demon.  This is such a gorgeous polish!  Its so shimmery and vampy all at the same time.  Oni is a darker bases polish with some shimmers of gold, bronze and purple.  The purple is less distinct than the gold and bronze, but every so often you get a flash of it, and its lovely.  I also used two coats here with no staining on removal.

Lastly is Kitsune, the magical white fox.  This struck my eye as soon as I opened these.  Its a light tan, almost nude polish with gold shimmers in it.  Kitsune also has some glitters in orange, brown and holographic gold.  This color is so befitting of my mood lately with the fall season.  I cant even handle it!  I'm in love.  I used two coats with this but had some serious shimmers left behind.

Overall, I'm impressed with their new collection.  Most of the polishes I have from them are glitter toppers.  These are more of a polish you wear alone.  The Yokai Collection will be available, while supplies last, on October 13th.  Its limited addition, so if you want any of these don't hesitate!  You can buy it HERE!
What do you guys think?  Will you be picking any of these up? I think my favorite is Kitsune.

The products in this post were provided to me for my honest opinion. 


  1. I definitely love your swatches of this collection more than all the others I've seen! At first I wasn't interested, but you make them look amazing! I really like Oni! The shimmers are so pretty!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! :) I love all of them

  2. Kitsune is my favourite! Looks very mustardy and sandy :P

  3. Omg I love them all, I can't even pick a favourite!

  4. All of them are pretty but I really love the last one <3


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