Friday, October 12, 2012

Fellow Bloggers! The Halloween Challenge!

Ok, so a while back I asked if anyone was interested in doing a 13 Days of Halloween Challenge with me.  Heather from Peace, Love & Polish emailed me that day and we started brainstorming!  We came up with a bunch of ideas and I compiled them into one fun list all organized by day!

We'll be starting on Monday October 15th!  If anyone was interested in this and wants to link to each others throughout the 13 days leave me a comment or email me!  Also feel free to go at your own pace or spice up the days!  You don't have to be strict with it. Just have fun!

Also, if you dont have a blog but want to join in too, send me some pictures of your nails!! Id be happy to share some!!



  1. Okay wow it's almost time to start this challenge! I haven't tried any free hand nail art before so I hope I survive! I'm off to buy supplies!!! ;]

  2. Count me in! This sounds like alot of fun.

    1. Yay! Welcome to blogging by the way! :))


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