Thursday, October 25, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Day 9: Blood

Hey guys.  Moving on with the challenge, its the Blood day.  Being a big fan of all things vampires and Dexter, I had quite the options for this day.  Butttt, I saw a design a while ago from Glamour magazine on Instagram with a nude nail and dark red drips.  Then The Nailasaurus did the exact same thing, and I knew I had to try it!  I used a sheer nude base, OPI Samoan Sand and a darker red, Butter London Saucy Jack and went to town.  My drippy manicures have really improved and I always like how they turn out now.  Sorry, I'm tooting my own horn over here.  I used to do drippys with a dotting tool, but now I use a nail art brush and I love it way more.  The look is much more defined that way.   On my accent nail, I used another Halloween polish from Pretty & Polished, Blood Clot.  Blood Clot is a red jelly polishes with large and medium red hexes.  The larger ones stuck out a bit, so I recommend a good top coat.  It reminds me of hemoglobin molecules in plasma hah!  Bio nerd over here. But I love these nails so much!  They are perfect for some Halloween nail art!

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They are doing so awesome at this!  Ill have plenty of ideas for next year.  You can find Pretty & Polished on Etsy


  1. This looks awesome! Your blood drips came out great!

  2. Go right ahead and toot that horn--these look amazing! Totally fun and totally gorgeous too. Samoan Sand is such a fabulous nude for you, your blood drips came out so well, and Blood Clot is just the perfect accent nail!

  3. That's fantastic! Great work :) as always your nail art is a cut above, a perfectly gory mani :D

  4. The Samoan sand totally blends with your skin tone, which ups the gore factor- very cool. The blood drips are amazingly clean- fabulous job!! ( need I even mention that you used Blood Clot- always on point with colors and color names!!!)


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