Wednesday, October 24, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Day 8: Vampires

Good morning ladies!  Its my favorite Halloween monsters today.  Vampires, o la la!  Haha.  I'm a sucker for the True Blood books (The Sookie Stackhouse Novels), along with the show.  I missed out on the last season because of school, but hopefully now that I've slowed down a little, I can catch up.  Though, the show has taken a drastic turn from the books, which I'm not loving.  The books are so much better, as always!  I had been itching to do some fang nail art, so I'm glad I could squeeze it in here.  The red I used here is OPI Vodka & Caviar, the black is Cult Nails Nevermore and the glitter is Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers.  Ruby Red Slippers is so vampy and awesome, I had to put it in here!  It was my first Deborah Lippmann and it made me fall in love with the brand, so it holds a special place in my helmer.  Haha!  I actually used white acrylic paint for the fangs.  I had the dark background, so I didn't think my polish would get opaque enough.  I don't usually use acrylic paint for nail art, but it definitely helped in this situation. I might have to use if for the skeleton day, too!  I love the way this turned out.  Its a tad edgy, compared to what Ive been doing lately.  And I like it!  What do you all think?  The blood drips too worn out as far as vampires go?

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Tomorrow follows up with some BLOOOODD! Haha :)


  1. I love the True Blood show & books too, and his is so fabulously awesome! I love the mix of designs, and the DL makes a great, sparkly accent. Seriously great job with the fangs!

  2. I love edgy nails- why not push the envelope?! I think the combo of the graphicness of the fangs and the almost gelatinous look of the blood is fabulous. I love when hard meets soft like that. Stellar!

  3. No way, the blood drips are a classic! I love the way it turned out - a super fun, edgy mani to wear!

  4. This manicure rocks! I love everything. The glitter, the blood, the vampire teeth! Awesome!


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