Tuesday, October 23, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Day 7: Frankenstein

Hey guys.  Is it killing you that I spelled Frankenstein wrong on the challenge photo?  Cause its killing me.  Sorry about that one, all!  Well any who, today is the Frankenstein day!  I was so excited to use my new Illamasqua Nurture for this one.  It was the perfect green for my Frankenstein nails.  I started off with Nurture as my base and then I went in with my go to black, Cult Nails Nevermore (I'm going to need a new bottle after this challenge!).  I did my features for Frankenstein with that.  I used OPI Alpine Snow for the eye balls.  On my other fingers, I did a coat of All That Glitters Horror Business.  I love this polish!  It has a sheer green tint to the base with some green square and bar glitters, along with some purple and matte black hexes.  The colors are so fun together.  I got this one during her pre-order, but its still available now!  People at work loved this one.  It was pretty eye catching.  One of my friends there even asked me to do her nails with some Frankensteins for Halloween.  How fun!  What do you guys think?  I went with a more cartoon Frankenstein, but I like it!

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You can find All That Glitters on Etsy.  Hope you guys are getting into the monsters for Halloween, because vampires are tomorrow!


  1. I really love this one!! great job!

  2. I really love this! Your Frankensteins are very angry!

    1. Haha yes they are! I love the eyebrows!

  3. I love it! I'm impressed that you make Frankenstein look so CUTE! And your glitter polish is to DIE for! So jelly!

  4. So funny that you're worried about the spelling - I named a post So Frusterating once and my friend called me on it - good thing it was when I started so not a huge amount of people saw!! This is soooo cute :)

  5. Once again, another cool glitter name- love it. Your nails look amazing in Nuture. The combo of the glitter and the design on the index is super- just enough action. Awesome job!


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