Wednesday, October 31, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Day 13: Favorite Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween guys!  Its the last day for the challenge, and what better than to show of your favorite treat?  I'm a big candy girl so there was a lot to choose from, but I went with the classic candy corn.  I did a ruffian style manicure with this, which was a first for me.  Though, it was pretty easy, you just need a steady hand.  I started with OPI Alpine Snow.  This is getting no good on me.  After a while, my white polishes snuff out and get stringy, thick and hard to apply.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Its a pain! I then moved on a used Pretty & Polished Candy Corn.  I used two coats of this.  This is a color changing polish that will change yellow to orange with heat or cold.  Hot is yellow and cold is orange.  It had a really cool effect mixed with the white.  I loved the look of it.  I was doing my moms nails later in the night and she was so settled on pumpkins for today, then when she saw mine, she wavered.  It was funny.

I loved doing this challenge so much.  It was fun and allowed me to improve my skill!  People loved the designs.  I even did a friends nails, plus her daughters as well for today!  Haha! They loved my spider webs and frankesteins.  Over the weekend, me and my boyfriend attended a zombie crawl.  Its basically where everyone dresses up as zombies, and then bar crawls.  Its fun!  I love seeing everyone's take on it.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen our make up and the nails I did.  But, Ill include a picture here.  I took the idea from Samarium's Swatches, you can find the original post here.  She does some awesome stuff, so all the credit goes to her!  If you want to know what polishes I used, just ask.

Be sure to check out the rest of the ladies last day!  And lets all give hope to Jennifer and her family and loved ones out in New York, she got hit by Sandy pretty hard!  Hope everyone things OK Jennifer!
Heather at Peace, Love & Polish
Elena at Eclipsed by Color
Jennifer at Little J's Nail Corner

You can find Pretty & Polished on Etsy.
Oh, and I'm thinking of doing a 12 days of Christmas?  Hahaha anyone in??


  1. Awesome take on it, I love the color changing!

  2. I love the ruffian with the color changing polish... what a modern take on candy corn! ( that whole Halloween from Pretty & Polished is amazing!)
    And you don't need to ask.. I'm in for the 12 days of Christmas as long as we don't have to do partridges or lords


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