Monday, October 29, 2012

13 Days of Halloween Day 11: Full Moon

Happy Monday you guys!  Today is the day for Full Moons.  I didn't actually do a full moon, because I kinda already did one for the cats day.  Whoops.  I did use some awesome polishes for this though!  And they actually go with the theme.  I picked up a few of Ninja Polish's Halloween Collection, and Howling Blue Moon was one of them.  It is a blue glow in the dark polish that is super sparkly!  It also has some awesome holographic crescent moon glitter in it.  I'm obsessed.  I'm actually wearing it on its own right now.  I paired this with another glow in the dark polish, this one from Naild'it, called Dots of Glow.  This was kind of hard to apply.  The dots are kinda thick themselves, making it hard to get them to spread.  I layered them over Zoya Natty.  I wanted it to look like a shining moon with surrounding stars.  Although, I think Dots of Glow could have been 'charged' a little longer.  Howling Blue Moon has an awesome glow to it, with little charge.  I love how it glows blue, rather than the typical green/yellow glow.  I've been wanting a blue glow polish.
How do you guys like these polishes?

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  1. I am loving the Howling Blue Moon... it's definitely going on my "want" list

  2. I love glow in the dark polishes, I just suck at photographing them! This mani looks great. I just followed you on Instagram btw, my username is c4rped1em!


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