Monday, September 3, 2012

Takko Lacquer: Kiss The Sky

Hey guys. Happy Labor Day!  We did all of our family stuff yesterday, so today me and my boyfriend might head out to the county fair for some greasy fair food.  My favorite.  So, today I have a new Etsy find for you all!  I first saw swatches of this on Nails and Noms.  There were a few I knew I had to pick up.  First off, Takko Lacquer uses all USA products.  She's spent many hours trying to find the right products.  I think shes got it right!  This polish, Kiss The Sky, is truly amazing.  Its said to be a dupe to Clarins 230 and Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  I wasn't that interested in either of those polishes, to be honest.  I wasn't going to kill myself to get either of those, ya know?  But then I saw this.  I picked it up during her last restock and it came so fast!  I was extremely surprised.  Kiss The Sky is a blue, purple in some lights, jelly polish with rainbow shimmers in it.  On a first look it has a heavy red/orange shimmer.  But when you have it in the right light, those green/yellow shimmers really stand out.  Its truly amazingg!! (I cant say it enough!)  I used two coats here and to be honest, it was a little too thick on the first coat.  I had just a little trouble with it.  However, the second coat evened out really nicely and completely made up for my trouble with the first coat.  All is forgiven.  Haha!  It was also completely opaque at two coats.  I topped it with some Seche Vite and voila! Beautiful nails.  I love it!

You can find Takko Lacquer here.  Her polishes are a little pricey at $14, but its all USA made and its amazing stuff!  I want more!



  1. I remember when I first saw Takko on Etsy! I didnt' buy any at the time because there were no swatches! Now I am having major Etsy regret for passing on them! Must buyyyy during the next restock!

    1. Haha oh Etsy gets me every time! I might have to stalk her next restock too, such great stuff!

  2. That shimmer *o* Base color is amazing too~ Beautiful swatches as always <3


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