Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Nail: Galaxies!

Hey guys!  Today, I have some nail art I'm sure you've all seen somewhere.  Galaxy.  This is my first stab at it and for a first time, I think I did just fine!  Haha. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these last night.  I didn't want to use 859471671685493 polishes on this, so I tried to keep it at minimum.  All of my nails art the same color combination.  Maybe when I have another good couple of hours to spend on my nails, Ill really go at it.

This was relatively easy though.  I searched through a bunch of pictures online before I did it, so I had a rough idea of what I wanted.  I used a base of Cult Nails Nevermore and got to sponging.  The colors I used were:
OPI: Fly, Did it on Em
Essie: Blanc, Play Date and Carnival

Play Date kind of got washed out when I added the white but you can still see some of it.  I also think I did a  little too much white.  Something to think of next time!  I started the sponging with Fly then Play Date and then Did it on Em and finalized it with Blanc.  I tried to make each nail different, so I sponged in different spots.  I then added some white dots here and there with my dotting tool and topped it off with some holographic glitter, Carnival.  It was actually relatively easy.  I cant wait to try it again!

What do you all think?  Have you guys tried galaxies yet?



  1. This is so cool! Love the holo glitter you added, haven't tried galaxy nails yet though... looks very challenging hahha

    1. Thanks! I thought it would be too but it wasn't so bad!


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