Friday, August 10, 2012

nAiL'DiT: Sssnot What You Think

Good Morning!  I have my other nAiL'DiT polish to show you guys today.  Sssnot What You Think is a glitter bomb polish with a slightly teal base.  The glitters in this are matte and range in colors.  You'll see red, blue, yellow and white hexes that are about medium size.  There are some super small teal matte glitters as well.  And honestly, in the sun I swear I can see some iridescent blue micro ones too.  Whew!  A lot of glitter!  Its an awesome polish though.  I layered it over Essie Turquoise and Caicos which paired pretty much perfectly with Sssnot What You Think.  Its a bit on the thick side so I just put one coat of this.  But application was easy despite the thickness. And because of the amount of glitter in this, you'll need some thick top coat to smooth it up.  The colors in this polish are awesome though, there's so many! 

You can find nAiL'DiT on Etsy.  Ive picked up quite a few more of her polishes that I'm super excited about.  



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