Monday, August 20, 2012

Naild'it: Heart-A-Tac

 Hey guys.  I've got another Naild'it polish here.  Heart-A-Tac was a whim purchase and those are always my favorite kind of purchases.  Ha!  This polish was one that I had tried over white to swatch for you all, and immediately took it off thinking "This needs to be over black".  Heart-A-Tac is a glitter bomb.  There's so much in here and so many different kinds.  I'm pretty sure if a glitter exists, its in this polish.  Haha.  The base is compromised of some shimmery iridescent blue and silver glitter.  The different color hexes in this are orange, blue, purple, teal, light pink, and white.  Rainbow.  Theres also some red and light pink heart glitters. Oh yea, and some white bar and red square glitter.  Holy canoli.  That's a shit ton of glitter packed into one polish!  Your definitely not going to have problems getting glitter on the brush, Ill tell you that!  I layered one coat of Heart-A-Tac over Cult Nails Nevermore.  Ive had Nevermore sitting in my helmer waiting to be really tried out.  Ive used it in some nail art, but you cant base a color just on nail art.  This is a lovely, one coat black.  This is also my first time trying Cult Nails polish.  I was quite happy with it.  The consistency was good and the polish was so shiny after, you could use it for a quick vampy manicure without bothering with top coat.  I might have to get me some more of that Cult Nails!  Heart-A-Tac is a bit bumpy so I used a good amount of top coat with that.  I loved this polish though, so sparkly and girly.  Just what I had wanted!

You can find Naild'it at her Etsy Shop.  Has anyone else tried some of her stuff?


  1. This is way too cute! I haven't bought from Naild'it yet, but tonight I think I'm going to pick up a couple! I've been holding off buying for too long!

    1. Yea you definitely should! It's all do cool


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