Friday, August 17, 2012

Metametics: Sing

Hey all!  Today I have another Metametics neon to show you.  Sing.  This polish gave me some slight trouble.  First off, it was the first time I had painted my nails since before vacation.  I had decided to give my nails a vacation as well and didn't do them for almost two weeks!  GAH.  So, I was a little rusty.  I used OPI Alpine Snow as my white base and two coats.  Then topped it with Sing.  I made such a mess, it was disgusting.  I was also in a hurry because I had to work in a few hours.  Therefore, I got bubbles in my polish and my cuticles were a nasty stained mess.  I immediately picked it off on my downtime at work (lol) and repainted it.  I wasn't about to share that monstrosity with you guys.

 So, here's my redo!  This time, I used one good coat of Alpine Snow and took my time.  Then, I added one coat of Sing.  Sing is a shocking pink neon with some silver circle glitters and some small silver hex glitters.  This went on pretty good, watch for streaking, but the color covers the glitters.  So, while those small hexes are visible, up close, you cant really see them from far away.  My only complaint!  Other wise, I love the color and the polish!  This also seems more of a jelly consistency. I wish my camera had picked up how truly neon pink this polish was, but it was not working out. So, its neon, trust!  I had only gotten a few of those glitters on my nails, there a bit sparse, but sometimes I like that!

You can find Metametics at her Etsy shop.  Has anyone else tried her neons yet?


  1. Ohh what a bright pink! I like that it's a jelly consistency! Looks nice on you ;D

    1. Thanks! Its seriously so bright in person!

    2. Thanks! Its so much brighter in real life!


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