Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

So, I've been a horrible blogger.  I got nominated for this award by Jennifer at Little J's Nail Corner while I had been on vacation and I never got to it.  When I got back from vacation, I had to get back into the groove of life!  Haha!  But, now Ive been nominated for a second time!! How awesome is that?!  This time, I'm doing right by my fellow bloggers and getting to it!  This time Steamy Nails nominated me.  Let me just thank the two ladies mentioned for both nominating Tuxarina!  I'm still a small blog just looking for my corner of the Internet.  Both of these two have become loyal followers and always take time to comment of my posts.  :)  It makes me so happy to make connections with other bloggers!

Ok, so the Liebster Award.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
  3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
  4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
  5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
  6. There are no tag backs.
These are the questions set up for me by Steamy Nails! 
1. When did you discover your love for nail polish? Hm, probably around two years ago. 
2. How many polishes do you own? Omg too many.  I'm not even going to count them.  Id say roughly in the 200's- 300's 
3. Do you prefer staying home on a rainy day or going out? Stay home!  This is when I curl up with my book. 
4. What's your favorite drink? Coffee.  
5. Whens the last time you've had a burger? Oh wow, probably just before vacation - 3 weeks ago!
6. What's your favorite color? Blues and purples
7. Do you play any instruments? Nope
8. Any special talents? ;P I can read really fast?  Hahah I got through the last Harry Potter book in about 12 hours? 
9. What's your favorite nail trend? O wow, uhm probably gradient nails.  I do those pretty often. 
10. What's your most hated nail trend? Pointy nail shapes- stilletto nails.  I'm sorry, I know there's a lot of women out there that love them.  But ugh I hate them. 
11. I love your blog hehehe, not a question, but just a little note from me to you :3  :)

Now 11 things about myself!
I.  I'm a huge fan of all things Harry Potter, True Blood and Game of Thrones.  (throw in some greek mythology too!)
2. I enjoy the company of my cat way too much.  He's just so pretty.
3. I will never be able to live without french fries.
4. I spend way too much on nail polish.
5. I've just discovered Grace Helbig from Daily Grace.  Go there, laugh, love her.
6. I've also just discovered this. I cannot stop laughing from it.  Omg when she coughs I lose it. 
7. The first polish I bought myself - the one that sparked it all- was OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.  I still have it!
8. Me and Jaclyn practically think the same- we'll say the same thing and then yell at each other to get out of our heads. Haha!
9. I have a bad habit of peeling off my nail polish- actually my boyfriend has a bad habit of peeling off my nail polish.
10. I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine.
11. I spend way too much time on the computer. (Hey, I'm taking online classes!)

Bloggers I nominate:
I don't follow quite that many blogs so forgive me that there's not 11!
2. Tough As Nails Lacquer ( be sure to check out her polish on Etsy!)
3. Jen at Jindie Nails (she has her own line too, awesome mattes!)
4. Another indie maker/blogger, The Lacquer Tracker.
5. Jacqui- she has just a tad more followers but I like her blog!

I totally forgot to add my questions!  Sorry.
1.  What motivated you to get into blogging?
2. First nail polish that started it all?
3. Favorite brand?
4. Ok, how many is in your collection?
5. Other hobbies other than polish?
6. What do you do for work? 
7. Favorite hand pose haha!
8. Whats your guilty pleasures?
9. Favorite childhood cartoon (or present cartoon.)
10. Most wanted polish?  Your Holy Grail of Polish?
11. Favorite blogs to look at?

I hope you all keep coming back and enjoying nail polish as much as I do!  Another thanks to Steamy Nails and Jennifer from Little J's Nail Corner!  :)


  1. I'm not into stiletto nails either! Great post :)

    1. Right? I don't understand how they don't even break or how to function normally with them? Haha! Thanks

  2. Had so much fun reading this! Hahaha, man, I haven't touched a Harry Potter book in FOREVERRRR.

    1. Hahah the last time I re read them was right before the last movie. I keep meaning to read them again!

  3. Aww thank you so much, Kelly! <3 I love your blog too, thank you for nominating me!
    And oh my gosh I'm a HUGE Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/Greek mythology fan too! I read the last Harry Potter book overnight when it came out without sleeping, probably around 12 hours too!

    1. Hahah Yess! Thats exactly what I did! But it was my pleasure to nominate you! I love the idea of your blog- books and nail polish? How could I not?! Those are my two favorite things!

  4. True Blood and Game of Thrones! *high five* I love LOTR too and The Hobbit is my absolute favorite book haha =)

    1. I always want to dive into that series but I've never had solid time...maybe I will now that im only doing online classes!

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination! I appreciate that you thought of my blog. :) If you don't mind, I'll answer your questions right here! Usually I don't get around to doing this stuff, but it seems like fun right now. :D

    1. What motivated you to get into blogging? The community! I wanted to connect with people who share my obsession with polish.
    2. First nail polish that started it all? Sally Hansen Chrome, from waaaaay back in the day.
    3. Favorite brand? I love all the indie brand, and couldn't choose a favourite, but out of the "bigger"/established brands, I can't get enough of Illamasqua and A-England.
    4. Ok, how many is in your collection? Oh my gosh... I stopped counting, but I'm estimating somewhere in the 300-400 category.
    5. Other hobbies other than polish? Reading, music (listening- I'm not very talented when it comes to making music), movies, comics and video games. Cooking and baking also occupy my time!
    6. What do you do for work? I'm currently a grad student, but I also make lacquer (Pirate Polish on Etsy).
    7. Favorite hand pose haha! Lol! I just kind of go with whatever works, but it's almost always of my left hand (I'm not good taking pictures of my right hand!).
    8. Whats your guilty pleasures? Nail lacquer definitely fits into this category, but I'd also say shoes and clothing count here.
    9. Favorite childhood cartoon (or present cartoon.) I was crazy about Thundercats! Gargoyles was also a favourite of mine.
    10. Most wanted polish? Your Holy Grail of Polish? I'd love to get my hands on some of those Sally Hansen Nail Prisms from ages ago. They look so awesome!
    11. Favorite blogs to look at? I compulsively check Scrangie! And there are so many others I want to follow religiously, but it ends up being more sporadic.

    Thanks for sharing these questions! :D

    1. Thanks for answering! :) I loveee me some scrangie too she has the best swatches!


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