Wednesday, August 8, 2012

F4 Polish: S'mores

Hello all!  Today I'm going to be showing off some F4 Polish.  I have S'mores here.  Ive been really gravitating towards polishes named after food lately?  Probably because Ive been trying to restrain from sweets.  My mind must need to fit them in somewhere!  Haha! 

S'mores is a glitter topcoat composed of hexes in brown, copper and white and holographic.  The brown ones can look almost black at times, they are that dark.  Perfect coloring to model S'mores!  I layered one coat over one coat of OPI San Tan-Tonio.  Which I happened to pick up at Ulta on major sale!  The glitter went on really nice and smooth.  Sometimes glitters like this can be taken over by a thick suspension base, but that wasn't a problem here! Though, you will need a good amount of top coat.   And the bottle is so packed with glitter that one dip of the brush gets you enough to cover the nail in one coat.  Awesome.  I love the subtle holographic glitters in this.  With the sunshine going on here in Ohio lately, it was a pretty effect. 

You can find F4 Polish on Etsy.


  1. Beautiful! I just ordered this and can't wait to try it. Looks tasty! ;)

    1. It really is! A perfect color for fall!

  2. Mmm, this looks yummy! Need to add this to my list of F4 polishes to buy!

  3. I like this combo; the glitter looks great on top of the OPI! The OPI reminds me of the graham cracker under the chocolate/marshmallow! :)


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