Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crows Toes: Morticia

The real Morticia
As of right now I'm on my wonderful way to Toronto Canada to see my all time favorite, Florence and The Machine.  I am so excited you guys I cannot wait!  Andddd after Canada I'm going to the beach with my boyfriend and his family.  How great is that?  But, since Ill be gone Ive written some things ahead of time!  So don't worry!  Today, I have another beautiful Crows Toes polish, Morticia!  I was randomly on the Overall Beauty website recently and spotted Morticia left.  I took no time to snag it up.  Morticia has been on my wish list since she released the photos of it.  Crows Toes polishes are always packed with glitter, and this one does not disappoint.  This is one coat of Morticia over China Glaze Icicle.  Icicle was a nice pairing with this because Morticia has some sliver in it, but Icicle didn't wash it out.  Moticia is packed with red and silver hexes, some holographic hexes and black bar and hex glitters.  The black bar glitters are my favorite!
Bad batch of Morticia
When I received this polish, I was a little put off.  It seemed a whole lot more purple that I thought it was.  I hated to say but, I was quite disappointed.  If I had known it was going to be that purple I would have taken a pass, already having Cheshire.   A few days later, I got an email from the creator of Crows Toes saying that a batch of Morticia had gone out that was more purple/mauve and apologizing for the mistake.  We were then told to contact the sellers we got our bottles from for a replacement bottle.  So, I contacted Kim at Overall Beauty and she promptly got back to me and my replacement bottle was shipped out just a few days later.  What great customer service!  My new bottle was very much more red.  I was so surprised to see such a difference in them!  But hey, it happens!  Ive included a photo to see the differences.   Overall, I'm just as happy with Morticia as I was with my other Crows Toes polishes.  Actually, I just got my order of  "I Make the Path" and I'm just beside myself. :)

I got my Crows Toes at Overall Beauty.  She seems to stock up pretty regularly.  Though her polishes sell out quick!  Snag them up while you can!



  1. Ah Morticia is so pretty! I've been tempted a couple times to buy it off OB, but held off until other CT's get restocked. Have fun at your concert!

    1. I know I love this! And it was awesome!

  2. The same thing happened to me.

    I think of the purple version as Wednesday. :)

    1. Haha! How cute I like that! Hopefully you got your replacement bottle to have the whole family :)


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