Thursday, July 12, 2012

Windestine: I'll Fly With You

Today I have a lovely glitter top coat by Windestine!  Recently, she had a slight mishap with her mixing balls in the polish being zinc rather than stainless steel.  When she had contacted me with the mistake, I did some research, and decided to not get a full refund.  The polish I had seemed fine and the effects of zinc on the skin was, really nothing.  (Though if anyone knows differently, please contact me! Haha)  Plus I had already used a few of them and had no problems.  To this day the polish remains the same color and has no effect on my skin.  Whether I have problems down the road or not, I guess time will tell!  So after a little discussion with the seller about all this mishap, I ended up with a $20 coupon to her Big Cartel store.  I'm very grateful for her giving this to me!  I really didn't think anything was wrong and I honestly didn't feel the need to for a full refund or full coupon back.  So, MUCH thanks to Windestine for honoring me with the $20 coupon!  She then had contacted a few of us who had these refunds and coupons about her Big Cartel store opening coming up.  I snagged up her entire Land, Sea & Sky collection, along with a mini of Over the Rainbow.  They were all so beautiful I didn't know which one to try first!  I finally settled on I'll Fly With You.  I wasn't sure what to layer it over.  I wanted all of the colors of glitter to stand out, so I went with a gradient.  I used Orly Decades of Dysfunction and Essie Lights for my colors.   I then added some I'll Fly With You.  This glitter is so cool looking.  It has smaller glitters in it in pink and orange with some larger ones of silver and purple.  It also has matte black diamond glitters!  I'm sort of loving the diamonds in these glitter polishes, Ive been seeing more and more of them.  They were pretty easy to get out too, no fishing!  I just used one coat for this, so you can imagine how glittery your nails will be with two! 

You can find Windestine at her Etsy shop or her Big Cartel.

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