Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Nail: Strawberry Nail Art

I've gotten back into my grove of nail art and I'm so glad!  This post is also kind of late in the day, sorry all, I worked the morning shift!  Today, I have some summer time strawberry nail art!  I keep seeing these fruit and vegetable nails all over the place, so I decided it was time I got on it.  This was some of the easiest nail art.  I  painted my nails red with Essie Lacquered Up the taped off the tips with some tape that I cut with my zig zag sheers.  The green I used here was Essie Mojito Madness from their newer collection.  My bottle seemed a bit on the thick side though, it kept mixing weirdly with the red underneath, even though the red was completely dry.  I then finished up by adding some random tiny polka dots with OPI Fiercely Fiona.  I think the colors I used were perfect.  I was very happy with the outcome of these nails.  I got a ton of compliments on them, so manicure well done!

P.S.  If you follow me in instagram (@kellysheldo1) You would have seen these yesterday :).  Ive been posting some extra nail art that I do daily on there! 

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