Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Valentino

Good morning! I think I have only a few more to go before I own all of Pretty and Polished polishes.  Kinda sick?  Maybe.  But whatever!  I like them!  Today I have the lovely Valentino for everyone.  I got kinda obsessed with obtaining black and white glitters so, now Ive got like ten.  No good.  Haha!  This one is really neat though and kept catching my eye during the day.  I layered one coat of Valentino over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  The grayness of My Boyfriend Scales Walls allowed for the white glitters to still show, but not be crazy apparent.  I really like the look actually.  Valentino has literally ALL sized of black and white glitters. So cool.  I didn't have any problems with digging for glitters, except for the larger hexes.  I wish I could have gotten little more of those.  I think it was such a problem because my bottle had settled a little during the mailing process, and I got to anxious to use it, so I didn't let it settle back.  O well, these still show a good interpretation of this polish.  It wasn't too thick either, which I was kind of worried about.  I'm surprised at how much I like the larger hexes in this polish.  I love them, actually.  Oh, and doesn't this just scream Cookies n' Cream?

You can find Pretty and Polished and Etsy and Llarowe!  I'm super excited about her stuff being stocked on Llarowe now!  Shes also holding her pre-order right now.  I didn't jump on it this time because there's really only one or two more that I want so Ill wait for the Etsy restock!



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