Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Boot Camp

Good morning!  I've got another polish from Pretty and Polished's summer collection today.  Boot Camp.  Boot Camp is a shimmery green polish with black bar glitters and various sized hexes in green and brown.  There are some green squares in there, as well.  I layered this over Orly Buried Alive, which is a shimmery brown with some gold tones to it.  It didn't really matter what I layered this over, though.  Boot Camp pretty much stole the show.  The base is so dense in pigment that, while you cant wear it alone, it still covers up your base polish.  I used one coat each of Buried Alive and Boot Camp.  Boot Camp also dries matte.  When it first dried, I was all "Ughh what is this!".  But, hey, its a Pretty and Polished, so I carried on with my manicure.  Once I put top coat on, I was all "Oooo".  This base is so shimmery and green, I just love it.  The glitters stood out a whole lot more once I put top coat on, as well.  The glitters were easy to get on the nail, too.  I think that the one coat was good enough over the dark color.  I'm curious as to how this would look over white!

You can find Pretty and Polished at her Etsy shop.  She opened shop last night, and I was lucky enough to snag a mini of her new Zodiac polish for Leo!

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