Friday, July 13, 2012

Out of the Box: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

Happy Friday all!  Time for another out of the box polish!  This is, once againnn, a polish I picked up on a whim.  Also, anotherr that I haven't worn before.  GAH.  I'm glad I started this, because it gives me a chance to wear those ones.  I'ts no good that they just sit in my boxes!

Sunshine Sparkle is really pretty, I can see why I got this one.  It's a light almost pastel yellow with silver sparkes in it.  It goes on really nice.  I used two coats for this, and it was perfect.  This is a nice color for spring.  I picked this one up a while ago, so I'm honestly not sure if they even have it still or if they changed the name.  Revlon does that a lot with their polishes, does anyone know why?  I can think of five polishes off the top of my head of theirs that they've changed the name.  Weird.  O well!

Also sorry about the bump on my pointer finger.  I didn't even notice till now?  Also note how shiny this is, with NO top coat.


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