Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Once Upon A Polish: Flounder

Another Once Upon A Polish treat here!  Today, I have Flounder for you all.  Flounder was the polish that attracted me to the shop in the first place.  I had just happened to love everything she had! Haha!  This polish is really pretty, though.  Flounder sits in a blue shimmery base with gold and blue (slightly holographic) glitters in it.  The base isnt really a true blue, I would say it leans on the teal side.  My version of Flounder doesnt have the larger hexes that the original formula did.  The seller said that the glitters she had been using were too heavy, I believe, so she opted not to use them in this batch.  That doesnt bother me at all, though.  This polish is still gorgeous with out them! The consistency on this one was a little on the thicker side.  I think thats due to the amount of glitter in this!  Its packed with the stuff!  The thickness made application somewhat tricky, but nothing unmanagable.  This is two coats of Flounder.  Honestly, you could probably get it to be opaque in one.  I just went for two coats to make sure it was full coverage.

Overall, Flounder is an awesome polish.  Its really gorgeous and bright in the sun and Im so glad I picked it up!

You can find Once Upon A Polish here.  Ive really got my eye on Grumpy and Day At the Fair next!  Oh indie polish! 


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