Monday, July 2, 2012

New Etsy Find: Once Upon a Polish Ariel

So, if you remember from my extensive haul post, I tried out a bunch of new Etsy polishes.  Once Upon a Polish was one of them.  I came across it and couldn't resist.  Ariel was my number one pick until I spotted the three other ones!  So much pretty stuff.  I'm also a sucker for names and anything named after Disney gets my thumbs up! 

Ariel is a gorgeous glitter polish.  The glitters are micro in this one and they range from red, pink, teal and silver, Id say.  Looking at this polish in the sun is amazing.  You can really pick out all those awesome colors.  For this I used two coats, and it was all I needed.  You will definitely need a top coat and a thick layer too.  It gets grainy once dry.  I would love to use this in a gradient manicure!
This went on really nice too.  No problems, a great formula!  Check out my (slightly) macro shot and you can really see all the different colors.  This is unique.  I would also love to layer this over some different things. Many possibilities with this one!  I cant wait to show you guys the rest of her creations!
You can find Once Upon a Polish here.  Check out all her awesome stuff! She's on vacation now, but shell be back soon!  I snagged up Scuttle right before she left!

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