Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Julep Maven Box

Morning, all!  I have July's Maven Box to show you.  I opted out of my June box last month, but this box seemed promising!  Its very patriotic.  I also changed my style this month to Bombshell rather than Boho Glam.  This months box came with an extra polish too!  Exciting stuff.  Haha!

The polished in this month's box are:
Kate:  A pearly white cream.
Chelsea: A glitter with purple, teal, silver and maybe some gold?
America: This was the bonus polish.  Its a red glitter base with silver and blue glitters and silver stars! I used it for 4th of July skittle nails!

The beauty product was lip gloss for this month.  When I changed my style, I picked this box because I liked the polishes but I was iffy on the lip gloss.  I thought it might be too dark but based on the swatches from the website, I just went for it.  My box came with Zinnia.  And... its too dark.  I dont wear much makeup, especially not lip gloss/stick, whatever.  I took one look and just knew.  Zinnia leans on the way purple side.  Im more of a pink/orange toned girl.  O well.  Ill find someone at work that will like it!  Haha.  It does have a nice brush applicator.  I love brush applicators with lip gloss.
Oh they also threw in a couple of Atomic Fireball candies.  GAH, I have never been able to eat these, maybe my brother will enjoy them. 

I had been debating on cancelling my Julep Maven, but I really like this month's box.  So, Ill stick around a little longer!


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