Thursday, July 19, 2012

HITS No Olimpo: Artemis

Hey all!  Here's another from the No Olimpo collection!  I was the least excited about this color to be honest.  All of the other swatches I had seen of it, never really stood out to me.  It always looked a bit dull.  Once I put it on though, I loved it!  Its a great silver holo with just a subtle holographic to it.  Its quickly become one of my favorites!  It might not be the brightest silver holographic polish out there, however, it's what I was totally in the mood for.  In the sunlight Artemis absolutely gorgeous, just like the rest of the collection.  I used two coats for this.  I also found that when painting holos you need full brush strokes.  No filling in with these polishes or it'll ruin the linear-ness of it.  It'll get a choppy look to it.  I topped it with some Seche Vite.  My Seche is getting bad, I think.  Its getting a little too thick and I noticed some grainy-ness when I put it on top of Artemis.  I keep meaning to buy more, but my Sally Beauty has been out of stock and they always have it for cheaper.  O well. 

Anyway I think this is the perfect color for Artemis.  Shes the goddess of the hunt and the moon, so what better than a silver holo?  Haha geek. 

Ive been getting all my HITS from Llarowe.  I think you can find them elsewhere, but she pretty much stocks her supply often!


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