Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HITS No Olimpo: Apolo

Happy 4th everyone!
Another gorgeous holographic from HITS No Olimpo collection.  Apolo was another one that I snagged up quickly.  Its too pretty not to!  Ive also become slightly obsessed with obtaining the whole No Olimpo collection.  I only have three more to get.  I also find that I like how holographics look in the sun and out of the sun.  Its like they're grainy without sun and its a neat look.  I picked up Apolo when I was going through a horrible buying problem. (As you all remember from my Haul Post to End All Haul Posts)  I'm now on a No Buy (sometimes).  It was sick how much I bought within a month.  Anyway! Back to Apolo.  Apolo is a gorgeous, seriously, holographic deep blue.  Its not the strongest holo from the collection but it is very apparent.  I thought about doing some nail art with this but I think holographics are just right on their own.  I cant bring myself to mess with them in anyway! 
I added this slightly blurry photo to show that rainbow!
Oh, I also found my bottle of Apolo to be slightly on the thicker side.  I'm going to attribute this to being mailed in hot weather and for my bottle being slightly untwisted too.  I bought a few of these at one time and the others weren't as thick.  So, it had to be that.  I hadn't read anywhere else that this was a thick formula. Unless anyone else has?
Ive been getting my HITS No Olimpo collection from Llarowe but I believe you can also get them from  When they're in stock!

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