Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crows Toes Cheshire + Nail Art

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Morning All!  So when I purchase Crows Toes Nail Color in Cheshire I was literally so excited.  The color was so cool and it really fits with my one of my favorite characters.  This glitter seriously has so much going on its amazing.  Firstly, its mostly purple glitters in all different sizes.  But thennnn there's teal, holographic and silver glitters as well.  And the best glitter pieces of all...the chartreuse.  AMAZING.  They are perfect interpretations of good ol' Ches's eyes.  There's also some sparse amounts of square glitters.  These ones are big and they kind of curled.  I had some on my right hand but none on my left so, sorry you wont get to see these.  This glitter went on great.  A lot better than a bunch of glitters I have.  Since its packed with glitter you only really need one coat with some filling in for it to be opaque. How awesome is that?

For this mani, I was dying to do some much needed nail art.  It's been a while since Ive had the time to actually sit and take some time on my nails.  So, I took the opportunity to do some Cheshire nails.  For these nails I used these colors:
Purple base: OPI Funkey Dunkey
Pink Base (under the glitter):  Essie Mod Squad
Pink Stripes:  Sinful Colors nail art brush in Rose in Your Nose
White:  Essie Blanc
Eyes: OPI Fiercely Fiona
I also used my WAH Nails Models Own Nail Art pen in black for some small details.  With the stripes I put a layer of white on first because Rose in Your Nose is a neon and I wanted it tor really pop.  On my pointer finger I did Cheshire's crazy eyes.  So, if your wondering why his eyes look all wacky- they're supposed to look like that.  For my middle finger, I did the signature grin.  My pinky is his tail.  I really love how these turned out, the only thing I would change would be the pinky.  I think I could have done his tail to look more bushy.  Over all, pretty good for being rusty!  Haha
What do you guys think?

You can purchase Crows Toes Nail Color here.  The polish is amazing and sells out quick so get on it! I believe they are $12.


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