Friday, July 6, 2012

Amy's Nail Boutique: Lemon Lime

You'll all remember this from my haul post.  Its also a new Etsy find for me.  I was really excited to try this one out.  Lemon Lime is neon yellow and green matte glitters.  Ive been so into these matte glitter polishes lately!  But, I don't think I'm the only one, so.  Hah!  This one went on pretty great.  I sometimes have trouble cleaning up my cuticles with these polishes.  My Q-tips don't always pick them up.  I used three coats for this one just because I wanted it to be opaque.  I think next time I wear it, Ill layer it.  Probably over white so the neon really shows up.  Plus, I only got a mini in this and Id like to conserve what Ive got!  Amy was also nice enough to combine the shipping on this with my other order of Patriot.  I thought that was so nice.  Thanks again! Haha.  Be sure to check out her stuff.  She has a bunch of matte glitter polishes in all kinds of combinations, plus a whole bunch of other awesome glitter polishes!
Oh, my boyfriend was cracking my knuckles and my polish wasn't quite dry.  So my pointer finger is nicked and a bit wrinkle-y.  Sorry all. Plus I think I had some Seche shrinkage :(
UPDATE!:  I totally did not realize that last photo was all jacked until now?  It wasnt like that before I swear!  My bad you guys.   Blogger wont let me fix this for some reason, so Im just going to remove it!
You can find Amy's Nail Boutique here.  Happy shopping.

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