Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Nail: Toy With Me + My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Let me start off with this...I'm obsessed.  I bought my picks from OPI's Spiderman Collection and My Boyfriend Scales Walls was one of them.  Its quickly become one of my new favorite polishes.  The formula is awesome.  Just the right consistency and opacity.  Its also the perfect light gray.  I have OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts, but in terms of gray, I wanted something lighter.  My Boyfriend Scales Walls is perfect.  Just what I was looking for.  Do you all get that way?  Link your mind up with the certain shade you want and then die when you actually get it!?  Haha, Sorry. 

Anyway, I paired this with Pretty and Polished Toy With Me...and it became the perfect combination.  Toy With Me is too sheer to wear on its own (unless you want 4 coats), so you need to layer it.  I layered it to begin with on Essie Play Date.  It was great on top of that, really brought out the color and brightened it up!  However, I wanted something that would match Toy With Me.  So that I could get the color of the base without 5989429 coats.  My Boyfriend Scales Walls is that color.  Seriously, if you have Toy With Me and want that specific color without all the layers, pick up this OPI.  Sorry I'm talking this polish up so much but seriously one of my favorite commercial polishes in a long time!
Also Toy With Me has a purple shine to it that isn't coming up in my photos!  Its really hard to catch it in the light.

Have you guys picked up either of these?  They are great together!

Pretty and Polished can be found here,  Although, I'm not sure about the availability of Toy With Me.  Sorry guys.

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