Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey: Siren Song

Another lovely Rainbow Honey!  I must say Rainbow Honey is quickly becoming another one of my favorite indie polish brands.  Jaclyn and I put in a pre-order of the new Equestria Collection, and I'm super excited!  It should be coming in soon!

Anywayyy back to the beauty at hand.  Siren Song, much like Snake Eyes, sits in a heavily pigmented base.  This one is more of a light blue/teal though.  The glitter pieces in this one are gold-ish, and I love them!  There also looks like some darker blue smaller glitters in there?  The only problem I had with this one is that it's extremely thick.  Snake eyes was pretty thick as well, but since Siren Song has more larger glitters in it, I think it's thicker.  I did add a few drops of thinner, and it helped a bit.  Remember, to use actual thinner to thin out polish.  Never use remover or acetone.  This will ruin your polish! (and you don't want to ruin good shit like this!)  Try to find some actual nail polish thinner!  For this, I used two coats, and there were a few bald spots.  I can't wait to layer it over some good stuff.  The thing about Rainbow Honey polishes, is that they literally glow on the nail so pretty and really stand out.  When I wear them, I hold my hands out and look at my nails countless of times.  I love when polishes make me do that!

You can find Rainbow Honey here.  She closed shop for a little while, but stayed tuned!


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