Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty and Polished: Bayou Blitz

OK, so really this is one of the last Pretty and Polished polishes that I have...

...Yeah right!  I scored like 3 more on the pre-order, so expect those in good time!  Haha! 
Anyway, Bayou Blitz.  I believe she had brought this one back after a hiatus.  And I'm super glad she did!  This one immediately caught my eye during one of her shop restocks.  Unfortunately, I took too long looking at it and missed the opportunity to get it.  It sold out that fast!  So at the next open, I took no time to get it! 

Bayou Blitz sits in a neon green base with teeny neon yellow glitters.  There are also larger hexagon glitter in yellow, pink, purple, blue and orange.  The pink and purple ones are more apparent than the orange and blue ones, but occasionally you get one and it's so cool.  Seriously I love this polish.  It's funky and crazy and totally stands out.  I used two coats over white because I wanted it to really pop.  And it does!  The only problem I had with this was that you need to really load the top coat.  The larger glitters don't lay as flat as some others so I found myself picking at them.  It's also bumpy so it definitely needs thick top coat! 

What do you guys think?


You can find Pretty and Polished here.  She has a bunch of new polishes so be sure to check them out!

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