Thursday, June 14, 2012

Out of the Box: Revlon Zealous

For this Out of the Box, I picked another never used.  I'm slightly ashamed that I have so many in my boxes that I haven't used.  It seems like a waste. 

Zealous is a lime green with shimmer.  The shimmer, I think, leans toward a gold/yellow color.  At first, when I was applying this I hated it.  I was all ughhh this color is no good.  Yet, when I put on the second coat, I loved it!  Weird.  Ha!  I had picked this up during one of my Ulta blackouts, and I'm happy with it.  Revlons are pretty much the only drug store brand I pick up.  I'm a little picky that way, I'm sorry.  I know that there are many good brands in the drug stores for a whole lot cheaper than my fancy-pantsy ones.  But I LIKE THEM.  Haha.  I want to think that the name for this color has changed since I bought it.  I think to Sassy.  It's too bad, I like the word Sassy.  Ugh, it's too late for me!  Ha I've had a long day, but I wanted to get this post written.



  1. I really like this shade of yellow, especially with the shimmer.

    1. Yeah it is really pretty. Im glad I snatched this one up!


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