Monday, June 11, 2012

Out of the Box: Orly Peachy Parrot

Time for another Out of the Box polish!  Today I have Orly Peachy Parrot.

Peachy Parrot is...well not my favorite.  I haven't ever worn this one, and I honestly don't know why I even bought it.  Shimmers like this have never been my thing, and I only own a select few.  The color is probably what caught my eye.  It's different and I don't have much similar.  For this, I only used one coat: the only plus about this polish.  Because it's a shimmer, the streaky-ness is out of control.  I have other shimmers that are better than this, so it's disappointing.  I hate streaky-ness in polish.  One of my biggest pet peeves.  I don't understand how anyone could think it looks cute all streaky like that?  Ugh that's just me though sorry, no need to offend.  Some people really like shimmers.  They are just not my cup of tea.

Also my camera is making this look wayyy orange.  Sorry. Over it.


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