Friday, June 29, 2012

Out of the Box: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Palare

Ahh, another unused polish.  Sorry guys, this makes me feel awful, seriously. Also, I know I dont have the boxes anymore for my polish storage, but I still have some "Out of the Box" posts left to show you all.  So, bear with me until we get through the rest.  Then we'll have some "Out of the Helmer" posts! Haha!

Palare is a nice polish.  I bought this one because it reminded me of a polish I had when I was younger.  I practically used it everyday and was seriously sad when it ran out.  Palare is a pink polish that has a blue side to it.  It's very pretty.  Although, this goes on a litter sheer.  More than I expected.  I have two coats, and I can still see a nail line up close.  I really like this polish, and Jaclyn has more OCC products that I've used and liked as well.  I'd like to buy more, I just can't decide which!  The brush on these polishes is really nice too.  If I remember correctly, I've heard that they've changed their brush.  Good thing because now it's something I really like.  It also dries really shiny.  These photos have no top coat and look at them!  Ha!

Have you all tried any OCC products?  They have more things than just nail polish that are really cool, too!


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