Thursday, June 21, 2012

Out of the Box: Models Own Indian Ocean

Ah, another polish fresh out of the box!  I picked up Indian Ocean as soon as I realized Ninja Polish sold it.  While I had been house sitting, I had a day off so I was surfing the web and came across it.  I was super excited to see them selling it, especially for only $8!  When we ordered a few off of the Models Own website, the currency exchage made them around $11!  Score.  Aqua Violet and Indian Ocean had been on my next buy list.  I'd been lemming after them for a while.  So I picked it up ASAP. 

Also, Ninja Polish ships suuuuperrr fast!  I ordered this on a Thursday and it came Saturday!  Double score.

Indian Ocean...hmm I would honestly call it a multichrome.  One minute it's shining light blue, the next gold, the next pink/red, the next orange.  It's gorgeous!  Also, it's impossible to catch all of the colors on camera.  I wore it to a track meet and the sun had been out that day.  It literally caught so many colors.  I'm actually dying to put Essie Shine of the Times over it, just to see what else can come out of it.  I put two coats just by itself.  You can still see the nail line, so I believe three coats would have been perfect.  Also, it looks like it would have a texture to it, but it dries pretty smooth, and once a top coat is added- perfectly smooth.  I'm so glad I picked this up!  It has become one of my favorites.  I included a picture of Indian Ocean over Essie Chastity on a nail wheel, it looked pretty cool! 

What do you all think of Models Own?  Have any of them!?


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