Friday, June 1, 2012

Out of the Box: Julep Kylie

This is one of my newer polishes.  Kylie is also a magnetic polish, so I was kinda excited to get it out! 

Like I said Kylie is a purple magnetic polish.  For some reason, this months Julep polishes had wonky brushes?  They are awful.  They make applying the polish very hard.  It's like they are too thick at the end, and that's causing them to hold a lot of polish.  This, in turn, makes the polish go on thicker.  It was driving me insane.  Anyway.  Julep gives some directions on how to apply this polish.  You are first supposed to put on a thin coat (hard to do with the wonky brush!), then a good thick coat after that dries.  Right away hold the magnet just above the nail for about 15 seconds.  I nicked my ring finger, sorry I didn't feel like fixing it.  I would put my second coat on and immediately grab the magnet.  I didn't wait till my whole hand had a second coat or anything.  My stripes didn't come out that great, but not horrible.  Especially for my first time at this!  The thumb had the best stripes I believe, so I included an extra photo of that.

I'm not sure I'm all about this magnetic trend.  It's not really my thing!

Did you guys get this one in your box for May?  Were your brushes as awful as mine?


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