Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out of the Box: Julep Ellie

Yep another one of those polishes!  Box time!  Today I have one of my Maven box polishes.  This is from May's box which I had switched styles cause I wasn't feeling mine.  This is one of the reasons why I switched.  I liked this color, it seemed nice a dainty to me.

Ellie is described as a seashell color, and I'd have to agree.  It's a really nice shimmer.  And I really stray away from shimmers.  I hate how streaky they get!  Ellie wasn't that bad though!  There were some streaks but nothing that bad!  Though I do have to say, that with this polish, the brush was all wonky?  It was really thick and kinda...frayed...at the end?  Weird.  It made application slightly messy.  It went all wide towards the bottom too.  I hate to discriminate against this polish because of its brush though, it really is a pretty girly color.  If you're looking for something to layer with or just something low key, this would be the polish to go for!

How are you guys liking the Out of the Box posts?

In this second picture, it looks like I nicked my thumb?  Didn't notice. HA!


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