Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HITS No Olimpo: Zeus

If anyone knows anything about me, its that I'm a huge Greek mythology nut.  I took a class my senior year on it and loved it!  I had an amazing teacher and he made us put together a book of sorts of mythology things in modern day things.  While the rest of the class was moaning and groaning over it, I was jumping for joy.  I'm a nerd like that.  But seriously who doesn't love a good Greek myth? 

When I first spotted these polishes (HITS No Olimpo), I was all "No way a nail polish line about the Greek Gods?".  Its like they took three of my favorite things...holos, Greek mythology and nail polish...and rolled them into one.  Oh, Hi HITS, thanks for making a nail polish collection for me.  Haha!  I was debating on which one to get first.  Zeus seemed like a nice pick.  It was a dark holo, which is something I don't really have.  I first tried to put this on by itself, but I wasn't having it.   I feel like Zeus is almost a holo top coat.  It needs something under it, though I suppose you could wear it alone.  Zeus is a black holo by the way.  In these pictures I layered one coat of it over Essie Licorice and loved it!  It went on super smooth.  A girl I work with commented on it and how nice it was then saw it in the sunlight and was like "Wow that looks way different in the sun!".  I was all "Ohhhh yea that's a holo!".  It has a beautiful rainbow effect in the sunlight.  I'm obsessed. 

You can find these at  I'm set on getting the entire set.  COUGH COUGH, hint hint my birthday is coming up.


  1. Love this! I was just eyeing the HITS line today, too!

  2. Yeah they are so pretty! I almost have all of em now!


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