Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Helmer Time

Today is my BIRTHDAY! Yayy!  Haha, this post is based off of one of my gifts, so I thought it was perfect for today! :)
After lemming for a Helmer for so long, my lovely sister got me one!  So this was her birthday gift to me.  I was so excited that I made her put it together early with me!  Haha.  I was literally so excited to just organize my polished by brand then by color, you all have no idea.  They have been so messy for a while in my boxes and it was killing me.  Just yesterday I added some of that liner to the drawers to keep my polishes from sliding all over the place.  So nice.
On top I have some new polishes, polishes I want to swatch, and some go to base coat and top coat.  I also have my polish remover and acetone.  Along with my bag of files and nail care tools. 

First drawer:
In this drawer I added all of my indie brand polishes.  Since Ive been so into them lately it seemed logical to have them first. 

Second drawer is Essie.  My favorite brand. 

Third drawer is OPI, a close second.

Fourth drawer is China Glaze, Orly, Zoya, Models Own, Sephora By OPI and American Apparel.  I don't own a ton of these brands so I just grouped them together.

Fifth drawer is my oddballs and my expensive polishes.  We have Deborah Lippmann's, Butter London, Revlon, Barielle, OCC, Ulta, Sally Hansen, Julep, Milani, and some nail stripers along with my Models Own Nail Art Pens.

 Sixth drawer is all my nail care and nail art things.  I have cuticle cream, nail stickers, cotton balls, pointed Q-tips, extra top coats and base coats, nail wheels, pedicure things.  All those odds and ends.

Overall, I'm so happy with my Helmer.  Its nice to have things so organized and uniform.  Ah, now back to my birthday day of relaxing!


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