Monday, June 25, 2012

The Haul Post to End All Haul Posts..until I buy more.

OK, So I had a nervous breakdown about not being able to paint my nails, and bought a ton of polish.  Its gross.  My mother thinks I have issues ( and shes not the only one).  I was all:
Source: Hyperbole and A Half  I did not make this image, I just tweaked it.

So from then on, I blacked out and woke up surrounded by bottles upon bottles of polish. They're all so pretty, so of course I'm going to share with you all! Sit tight cause this is gonna be packed with photos.   All the shop/buying info will be at the end!
First off, some none polish stuff. Jaclyn surprised me with a nice set of nail art brushes! I love them and I cannot wait to get working with them. She also got me a Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Cuticle Balm. This stuff smells great and its really nice on the cuticles.
Here's China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  A staple for every collection.  I also have Sinful Colors Nail Art brushes in Rose in Your Nose and Me First
 Orly Decades of Dysfunction and After Party.  Ive used Decades of Dysfunction and its a great color for accenting!
 My picks from the Spiderman Collection by OPI.  Shatter the Scales, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Just Spotted the Lizard.
 I was dying to try out some Cult Nails and lucky for me she had a $5 sale during my black out.  Nevermore and Cruisin' Nude
 A new Etsy Find!  Once Upon a Polish has some gorgeous stuff!  The seller is awesome too.  Ive already tried out a few of these and I cant wait to share with you all! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Flounder, Sebastian, Ariel.
Ah!  My HITS No Olimpo Polishes.  I'm slowly getting all of these and am so excited.  Here we have Dionisio, Artemis, Apolo, Hera, Atena, Afrodite, Poseidon.  Ive used Apolo so thats why the leveling looks low.  You'll see that soon!
My pre-order Pretty and Polished.  Bubble Tea, Hello Dolly, Sand Art and Phoenix
Crows Toes Cheshire, Paris Sparkles Bubble Gum and Lac Attack Beauty School Dropout
Lush Lacquer Dreamsicle,  The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze
Another new Etsy Find!  Windestine.  Shes a great seller and set up a custom listing for me and added two minis with it!  I love these polishes.  End of Story.  Carbon Copy, Jeweled Sand and Asbestos.
Some more Etsy new to me!  Pahlish Sunlight Shooting Through Pine Trees, Enchanted Polish Jitterbug.
All That Glitters Glitter Glory, Hole Hearted, Spotty Dottie Light, Spotty Dottie Dark.  Some of these took a while to ship.  That being said, the seller then provided me with a coupon code for next time for my patience.  Fair Enough! Haha :)

Another new Etsy find.  I first saw Amy's Nail Boutique on Tough As Nails blog.  She made Pink Lemonade so good I had to jump on it! I got Lemon Lime and Patriot seperately and Amy was nice enough to put the shipping together and refund me the difference!  How awesome is that?  These are all neon/matte glitters too. Love.

Ah, the end.  So as you can see I must have noticed that I had no black and white polishes and needed to buy at least 6.  Seriously, Kelly?  Thats OK, theyre all slightly different and I love them.  Ok now where to buy!...
I got my HITS and Enchanted Polish from Llarowe
You can find Orly, OPI and China Glaze at Ulta, Sally Beauty or any other beauty products store.  Sinful Colors can be found at Walgreens or Target!

If I missed any or if you want to see specific swatches like, right now, just let me know and Ill get to it!


  1. AMAZING haul! And so jealous of your Crow's Toes. How did you manage to get them?!?

    1. Haha Yes! Sign up for her email notifications and she always sends out an email before her restocks with the date and time and all! Then I stalk the big cartel. Hahah Im dyinnggg for Morticia and I Make the Path by her!


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